Living in the Quiet


I used to want peace. Now I’m not sure what peace is.

The absence of stress? Taking away stress doesn’t necessarily leave us with peace.

So I’ll take quiet as the metric.

The absence of noise in my head doesn’t result in complete silence, but I don’t need complete silence to be quiet.

Birds, the breeze through the bushes, far-off horn honking, the tapping of a woodpecker a few trees away – that’s quiet enough.

Not fretting over the past, not uneasy about the future – just quiet.

My muscles relax and yet I’m not sleepy.

There are worse ways to live.

There are worse ways I’ve lived.

It’s not a long journey to be quiet. It’s right here, and I don’t worry whether it’s peace, whether I’m in the now, or whether I’m all right. It’s just quiet.


5 thoughts on “Living in the Quiet

  1. I love your blog and have wanted to respond but couldn’t come up with what to say without sounding dumb.
    Peace comes with a quiet mind, don’t you think? But to quieten those jumping bean thoughts is easier said than done. Meditating, I find a ritual helps. I sit in the same place, light a candle, give three rings to my singing bowl, try to slow my breath. Carrying QUIET forward into my day is a goal I rarely achieve. Maybe one day…

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about Galisteoliz. Yet just the effort to mediate pays off. Attempting to mediate will in time teach you. As for those jumping bean thoughts, I find it’s best just to ignore them rather than trying to silence them. In time, they cease to matter and you come to see that they are not you.

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