What Would My Higher Power Have Me Do?

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When I first decided to turn my life over to a higher power, I thought, heck, it’s still just me making decisions. I “turn to my higher power,” and then I make the decision. What’s new about that? Yet I decided to go through the motions to see what might happen.

Much of my spiritual life starts with going through the motions. Then in time, something else takes over.

Going through the motions meant I would ask my “higher power” for direction before making a decision of any consequence beyond what to watch on TV during breakfast. Instead, I would pause and ask for direction.

Over the next few weeks, something shifted.

One day I asked for guidance on a problem that had been bothering me for days. Instantly the right solution popped into my brain. That couldn’t have been my higher power. It was too quick. My higher power can’t possible move that fast.

Then I asked about a problem I had with a friendship. I faced a big decision. Should I continue with this long-term friend? No answer came. In the past, I would have shrugged and gone on with the dysfunction. Instead I kept asking. The answer came, but it took weeks: walk free from the friendship.

It wasn’t easy. The extrication was awkward and not quite spiritual. But it was the right decision.

I understand what people mean when they say “a problem has them hopelessly defeated.” I lived in that world for decades. It’s a world of suffering.

That sad condition lifted when I began turning to my higher power for answers.

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4 thoughts on “What Would My Higher Power Have Me Do?

  1. I’ve learned to address my Source within. I say “Source within…….” I go for yes/no answers. My body actually jerks with the yes response. I can be more specific and say….ok…..is it true that blah blah……sharing my understanding of the situation or answer….and I’ll get a yes or no. Sometimes I get much more info but I love that my body actually physically responds. It is different to live your life this way though! I love it!

  2. HI Rob, I think I must have a Word Press sight as they emailed your blog post. I will try again when my unm homework is done…Probably Monday or Tuesday.

    Wanted to let you know your add is a picture of Trump with a caption about signing to pay federal rent.

    Elsie Linkwood aka ~ jo lynne

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