When We Awake We Will Remember Everything

The lyric, “When we awake we will remember everything,” comes from the chorus of “When we awake” by Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson of the Band. The song is about a boy going to his grandfather for wisdom. The song doesn’t explain exactly what the line means, but it has remained in my head for decades.

That thought, “When we awake we will remember everything,” seemed true to me on some level I didn’t understand when I heard it as a teenager. The idea has haunted me through the years in a very encouraging and hopeful way. In the very core of my presence here, I believed it.

While reading spiritual texts – anything from the Upanishads and the Way of Life to Eckhart Tolle and A Course in Miracles – I’ve experienced a remembering rather than learning. I get an overwhelming feeling of recollection when reading spiritual texts.

Over the years, I’ve come to believe we already know who we are. We already know our oneness with each other, so the process of spiritual learning, of coming to consciousness and being part of spirit, is a process of recollecting. Our spirituality is a path of coming home.

When we awake, we will remember everything. We will remember who we belong to. We will understand that we have never been alone. Even in the depths of seeming isolation, we are one with spirit and always have been. When we awake, we will remember everything.


10 thoughts on “When We Awake We Will Remember Everything

  1. I truly enjoyed this! The following blurb just came to me after reading this:
    From the depths of surrounding darkness, the truth of who I truly am suddenly appeared to me, awakening me from a troubled slumber, filling me with remembrance of my true purpose. I AM. I rose to my feet, my soul expanding, my heart filled with joy, I became the light that I was meant to be to shine bright in this life. – Doris Peixoto (The Esoteric Psychic)

  2. great sharing, Rob,
    The masters have said that in this appearance all is like a dream, even being awake appears in this dream. You are dreaming that you are awake.

  3. I think you have it right Rob. The more we choise to learn the more we realise we have to learn and from this depth of learning we realise that one day, we will finallybawake and all that has been before will be available for us to perfectly recall and use to the worlds best use. So I believe 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.
    Susan x

  4. I have experienced this as well. Many times recently. I am doing a meditation or a reading and I feel like I have come across this before and yet I know that I never have and then the thought creeps in that it seems familiar because it is something I already know, it is my soul speaking to me, waking me up to what I have forgotten.

  5. Well said. The role of the unconscious is often underestimated and misunderstood. There are bubbles of awareness popping up in our minds daily if we’re open to receive and appropriate them.

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