What Is the Presence Within?

What do we mean when we talk about the presence within? The oneness. What does it feel like? How do we reach it?

The poet, Rumi, believes we live with a deep secret that sometimes we know, and then not. That secret is our connection to the divine – the presence.

In “The Mirror of Intimacy,” Alexandra Katehakis said, “Everything you perceive is your presence. Look deeply into every moment and perceive divine presence. Recognize each circumstance as having a particular bearing on your soul. Over time, this practice will bring you presence of mind and make manifest your own catalytic presence.”

There are many names for the presence within, many descriptions of it.

  • Om – The Buddhist and Hindu name that evokes the concepts of the oneness of God and the universal omnipresence of the creator deity.
  • Brahman – Hinduism, the super-present properties of the creator deity, Brahma, understood to manifest itself as light within the human being.
  • Divine countenance or the face of God – a metaphor for a close encounter with God.
  • The Holy Spirit in Christianity.
  • Immanence – a term for the presence used in mysticism.
  • Inner light – a term used in various religions to refer to the presence of God within.
  • Numen – a Latin term for the divine presence within.
  • Psychedelics can produce the feeling of the presence of God.
  • Shekhinah – Judaism’s term for a presence in a holy place called a tabernacle. The tabernacle represents the human body or being, and also refers to the presence of God within.
  • Theophany – the overt appearance of God to a person.
  • The Kingdom of God within – In Luke 17:21, Christ says the Kingdom of God is within us.
  • Higher consciousness – the higher the level of one’s consciousness, the closer to God.

The next blog will explain how we can reach the presence within and what it feels like when we experience it.


8 thoughts on “What Is the Presence Within?

  1. A shadow will explain how IT reaches the substance that It is a shadow of. Plus will explain how IT(The shadow) feels when experiences being the substance.. All while still a shadow.
    It’ll be interesting. for sure.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed your blog and I think this is a great springboard into a deeper discussion of this topic. I would like to add another description of the “presence within” as the Christ. “Christ is the true idea voicing good, the divine message to men speaking to the human consciousness” (M.B. Eddy, 1903 pg 332) Here Christ is not a name for Jesus but his divine title. It expresses God’s spiritual, eternal nature of which Jesus was the embodiment. I also write for an interfaith newsletter and would like to suggest this topic as a focus in one of their issues.

  3. Fantastic post. And thanks for liking my “Enlightenment For Dummies Newsletter (Issue #1).

    I am seeking my own presence. I am taking the Buddhist path in hopes of finding and truly being aware of my secret catalyst. In the past, I wrongly believed drugs and alcohol would lead me to a holy experience.

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