Your Spiritual Childhood

Did you have a childhood spiritual experience? Did you tell anyone? If you did, were you believed?

In the comments of this blog, a number of bloggers have described spiritual experiences they had as children. Most kept those experiences to themselves. One revealed her experience at church and was told it wasn’t real. Surprise, surprise.

I had a number of spiritual experiences as a child and never told anyone. For one, I didn’t think I would be able to describe the experience. To this day, I stumble over the telling. Secondly, I didn’t think anyone would want to hear about it.

When I was a child, spirituality was a narrow band of belief – basically Christian. Those around me believed the great spiritual experiences were in the past, many hundreds of years ago. If we were good, we would go to heaven and see Jesus and God. Other than that, there was no spirituality. It was only in retrospect that I even realized what I experienced was spiritual.

When my kids were young, I would quiz them about spirituality, trying to determine whether they were having spiritual experiences. Mostly, they said, “I don’t know, Dad. I don’t think so.” My autistic daughter said that God was with her. I asked her to explain, but she couldn’t go into detail. Finally she said she didn’t want to talk about it. She also said she had an imaginary friend.

As children, we are not less than adults. We simply have less experience in this world, at least by our recallable memory. But we are just as spiritual, just as one with spirit. We may be less articulate when we’re young, but we are not any less there, or any less capable of spiritual connection.


15 thoughts on “Your Spiritual Childhood

  1. More physically exhausted than I’ve ever been my entire life (after six grueling hours of cycling), I lay resting on a bed, conscious, and spoke in tongues. I didn’t even know what it was at that time.

  2. I told my parents as well as the church. Doctors talked to my parents about putting me on medications, thinking I had mental problems instead of spiritual experiences. When my son was little he started sharing his spiritual experiences and we talked easily about them, as I understood.

  3. When I was twelve years old I was hypnotized for an hour. It’s had a profound effect on my current life especially my dream life. I lucid dream a lot and go into trances when I listen to music. Some songs make me black out especially if there’s a lot of percussion in them. I remember lots of my dreams, I have out of body experiences, I see numbers with colors, etc. Stuff like that. I think I astral project a lot while I sleep as well (even if that’s what I think most people do when they dream.) I’ve also had memories that aren’t my own, which I believe are probably past life recollections, like I had a dream about dying in Vietnam. I think being hypnotized at that age opened something up, I don’t know what it is, or made my body looser. My dream life is very powerful and I may not be religious but I believe in spirituality.

  4. I think kids are pure and have the freshest memory of the heavens so they are more sensitive to cosmic forces. They’re more likely to have spiritual experiences.

  5. When I was around 3, I left my house and crossed a busy city street. When my mom found me she said I told her a beautiful lady helped me get across. My mom swears it was my guardian angel as she found me alone. I have no recollection but absolutely believe!

  6. When I was about 22 I had two children and was filled with questions about God and Jesus and the whole religion thing. One night I did my prayers and went to sleep. Some time in the night I awoke, thinking someone had bumped my bed. When I raised up and looked around to see who it was I saw a small figure hovering above my bed with her arms outstretched. She did not say anything but from seeing her there in the glow, I felt incredibly calm, safe and loved. I have never felt or seen anything like that again and I’m now 60.

    Lovely post you made. ❤

    • I had a similar experience, Jackie. The figure was a woman in glowing bright robes, surrounded by light. She was at the foot of my bed. As with your story, she didn’t say anything.

      • Oh wow… that’s wild. She was glowing, like an aura. Yes, she said not a word. ❤

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