How Does a Spiritual Awakening Help You?

How does a spiritual awakening change your life? You have the same personality, the same body, the same family and friends. At first, everything is the same. Yet when your spiritual awakening comes, everything changes.

You see that you are one with everything around you. You are not separate. That understanding takes away your fear. Maybe not all at once, but bit by bit, your fear begins to stop running your life. You come to realize you have nothing to fear. It’s not that you gain courage. It’s simply that fear has become irrelevant.

You come to see that you have been afraid most of your life. Your reactions, your responses, your decisions have all been based on fear, based on the belief that you are threatened, that you can lose everything that matters, and that you will die.

Lift that fear and you see that nothing that matters can be taken away. You see there is no such thing as death. You are free now. It doesn’t matter who loves you or who doesn’t love you. You suddenly have no argument with anyone – you have no argument with life.

Everything slows down. For perhaps the first time, you can catch your breath. The cloud of cares and worry begins to dissipate. You are lighter now, free of resentments and free of anger.

Your decisions are no longer based on what you need – they are based on kindness and how you can serve. This detachment doesn’t mean you don’t care. You care more for this world than you ever have. Never before have you really seen its beauty. In this caring, you become a caretaker.

You don’t renounce the world; you embrace the world, for the world and you are one.


5 thoughts on “How Does a Spiritual Awakening Help You?

  1. Hi Rob….I love what you have written, and there will be people who have read it and not really understood it as they are not actually ‘there’ yet I am sure. We continue to be of this world however, and are still acting our part in our own little plays called ‘my life’. So, each of us is different and yet we still have the old connections too. I have found that when I am with friends, even spiritual ones, that they find it hard to accept that you can be at peace and not really needing to be or do anything. It is hard to explain….but, I totally get being in the here and now and definately feeling more free….thanks for sharing, Angel Hugs, Barbara xxxx

  2. Rob, my answer to your question is: it helps me to practice forgiveness. And then, it changes everything. Because it’s impossible to be the same when one is spiritually awakened. Fear and Love are part of the same “game”, however, Fear is based on wanting and Love is based on feeling. The less we want the more we feel… freely, with compassion and light.

    In an awakened state of mind everything slows down, indeed.

  3. I have just found your blog by surfing comments, I on blogs of like minded people.
    This way I discover helpful writing to improve my understanding.
    Thank you for your writing I will be visit again. _/\_

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