Your Bloom Opens the World

When you awoke this time, something new looked outward through your eyes. You have not seen this world before. This awareness has not yet become familiar. You count the stars to make sure you are home. And you are home, even though the stars look different. This is a new home. The decay around the edges is ripe now, offering the green-chile scent of a rich harvest.

The language is the same – families, pairings in love, the cycle of newborns, the enemies over the hill, the endless insistence that this is the one true reality. It goes into the bone and sticks. It drives us into the ground.

But you can see now. You can see through your self into the world as it connects back. It bends to your view, and you bend back to let the whole thing inside. Worlds upon worlds build up and break through. You are a moment in the tension that is giving way.

The touch of your finger to your thumb holds eternity. You live in the soft buzz of that warmth. No love can go further – this is the love that opens skin. Above you there is so much more, and you’ve anticipated every step – like cool water and the healing of a long winter.

You are at one here. You have found a way to touch the world. The suffering may not be gone, but it is no longer yours. It belongs to the years that are drifting backwards. Out here in the sun, everything is revealed – your past is reconciled, and your future is rushing into the present.

You have never been so present.


5 thoughts on “Your Bloom Opens the World

  1. ‘The suffering may not be gone, but it is no longer yours.’

    Well done Rob, for dispelling that particular myth.

    I enjoy your writing style greatly by the way.

    With gratitude and respect.

    Hariod Brawn.

  2. Rob — This is an amazingly beautiful description that could have been written about my own experience, so thank you for writing it down and sharing it. In your experience, does that new awareness ever become “familiar”? Does the mind ever stop “expecting” us to return to that other reality? Thanks, jen

  3. Thanks Jen. In my experience, I’ve become accustomed to everything being new. I sometimes wonder if I’ll return to “that other reality” But I don’t expect it. Mostly, I have the ongoing sense that everything is different now and will continue to be different. In a wonderful way. I also think that if I returned to the former reality, I would see the wonder in that as well.

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