Spirituality in the Trenches


Spiritual calm is easy when everything is going great. Finding peace is easy even if things are only going sort of well. Yet spirituality becomes critical in the rough patches, when life slips slowly or suddenly out of control. This’s when calm matters – and that’s when inner peace can be hard to find.

Our troubles are often illusory, but it can take spirituality to see through the illusion.

Think about difficulties you’ve experienced in the past. How many of those would have been greatly relieved if you kept your head? How many of them were not actually difficulties but rather misperceptions?

Overcorrection can cause serious car accidents. The state of Missouri recently identified overcorrection as the leading cause of traffic fatalities.

During much of my life, I responded to problems with emotional overcorrection. Call it overreaction or reactive behavior. It was a matter of not being able to insert the brain between a seemingly threatening event and my response to it.

Spirituality provides a cool pause in a highly charged world – a place of calm when life is on fire.

Spirituality can circumvent damaging emotional reactions and give you a chance to see – even if just for a moment – that the essence of life is peace and love, not threat and danger.


7 thoughts on “Spirituality in the Trenches

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  2. I have found this to be true, as I get closer to my own spiritual truth, and I am often times so pleasantly surprised that I am able to feel that pause and recognize where I may have formerly given in to my ego and subsequent overreaction. I have enjoyed the pieces I’ve been able to read so far on your blog. Thank you for perspective and insight. I’m looking forward to going back, to catch myself up, to read through the archives.

  3. medium.com/the perfect servant—nope says: For me the Parkinson’d downward slide my husband is on has knocked me off the rails. Well that is how I feel as I struggle to get him back on his feet after a fall, mop yet another spill, hurry him to the car to make an appointment… Peace is always with me when I’m sitting at meditation, but taking it with me….? Too often, those few moments of intention are the best I can manage. That is my spiritual practice I suppose.

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