Is Faith Required for Peace?

What do you need to believe in order to experience peace? Does faith take you there? Many use faith to find peace. They experience peace through faith. Have faith in God, and God will take away your troubles and calm your mind.

For many faith becomes a blanket of divine substance and calming protection.

Yet faith in things unseen is not required for peace. Peace is at hand, in all of us at all times. In your true essence, you are peace. When you let go of the world, peace is what remains.

You do not need a belief system to find peace.

We can experience peace in meditation. In the breathing. In the exhale and the pause before the inhale. Peace becomes a presence.

For a long time, I thought that presence was something outside myself. Something I was reaching. Or something that was reaching me. Spirit. God. The divine consciousness.

No. The presence is not something outside yourself that comes to visit, then goes away.

You are the presence. The presence is your true existence. Your essence. Connected to everything.

We don’t have to struggle to connect. We are connected. We don’t have to work to find peace. We are peace. All that is required is awareness. Not religion. Not a set of beliefs. Not faith.

Over time, the connectedness becomes easy to experience outside of meditation. For it is you in your essence, as close as anything you can experience. Intimate. Essential. Here now. In every breath.

You cannot get this peace wrong, for it is you, and it is always with you. The peace is you. Your troubles are not real. Your thoughts are not real. And yet, you don’t need to let go of your troubles or your thoughts to experience your essential peace. For it is you, here, now, and it cannot be otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Is Faith Required for Peace?

  1. To become aware of what you are.
    (a) Make it a habit to think and speak in the passive tense.
    Instead of ‘I see something’ or ‘I hear something’, why not think the passive way: ‘something is seen’ or ‘something is heard.’? The perception will then be not on the basis of an action by the phenomenal entity, but on the basis of an event or occurrence. In due course, the pseudo-entity ‘Me’ will recede into the background.
    Before going to sleep at night, spend about ten minutes sitting relaxed both in body and mind, taking your stand that ‘you’ are not the body-mind construct but the animating consciousness, so that this idea will impregnate your being throughout the period of your sleep.

  2. So much truth in what you say. I can see many people will be scratching their heads at this one. Faith brought me joy but meditation brought me peace and bliss. The amazing thing about peace is that you don’t struggle to get peace, you just let go and be peace. Hard to believe until you try it and experience it.

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