Who Needs Secret Knowledge?

Making things simple can take a long time. We have pored over books, attended metaphysical services, classes, and workshops, met with advanced leaders only to discover that we are one with spirit and that spirit is here right now. The only special knowledge we need for that realization is the simple awareness that it’s true.

Be still and know that I am God. Or, be still and know you are one with the presence, and that presence is here now, always, and you cannot help but be one with the presence. There. No more books, no more services. No more classes, no more workshops.

Perhaps not quite so fast. In our daily lives, we can fall into the great forgetfulness. But lucky us, we can wake ourselves up again and again. A friend asked me, “How do you wake up? What’s the process?” We can use whatever brings up to awareness: meditation, prayer, chanting, stopping what we’re doing and paying attention to our surroundings, taking a walk, altering the pace of our breathing.

We experience peace in the wakefulness. I don’t know if our walking-around life gets better as we move to more wakefulness. I like to think it does, but that doesn’t really matter.

We can be of more use to others if we’re more conscious of the presence. In awareness, we can be of more use to ourselves in the world. Thankfully, drama dissipates – both the drama stirred up by our own little selves, and the drama of the world around us.

As we awaken, the world around us calms down. That makes it easier to be still and know that only the presence is real and I am one with the presence.


5 thoughts on “Who Needs Secret Knowledge?

    • Thanks Val. At a certain point you realize it wasn’t a journey, but an awareness. Kinda like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ when .she comes to realize she was home all the time, even though it seemed like a journey.

  1. Rob, I think that awareness is the basis of… everything really. Without it we can’t consciously live in the present moment and be grateful for whatever is. In my “awakening experience” I’ve come to learn that awareness has different levels, I think I’m reaching the one where (as Eckhart Tolle perfectly puts it): “Be grateful for your emotional pain, as if you had chosen it.” I too have reached (another) point where there’s no need for more books,cds etc The required information is already known. the pointers have been given. Now we need to practice awareness without the books and teachers. We are our own best teachers (by being aware).

    Without awareness one will never be at peace, let alone grateful with one’s emotional pain.

    Wishing you well,

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