The Presence Who You Are

What is the presence that we feel during spiritual moments? I’ve experienced this presence while using hallucinogens, while meditating, during spiritual meetings, out in the mountains, during marathon runs.

While it’s hard to explain the feeling of a presence, I’ll try. It can feel like a hum that is both inside and outside. A warmth. A sense of well being. Connectedness with – I don’t know – spirit, the divine, whatever you call the ethereal that seems more real than real. Connectedness with everything. Calm. The absence of anxiety. The absence of emotional pain. The absence of fear. Peace.

For many years I only experienced the presence in rare moments. Then, I reached the point when I could feel it pretty much whenever I meditated for more than five or ten minutes. My breathing would reach that place where it didn’t feel like breathing. My thoughts would grow quiet or go away altogether. And I would feel the presence.

For a very long time, I believed I was connecting to spirit (God, higher power, the angels, whatever). For a very long time, the feeling of the presence was proof to myself that the divine is here on earth, at hand, with us, available.

What I came to realize much, much later is that the presence was me. The real me. Not the little me walking around in the world bumping into stuff, hurting and getting hurt. The presence was who I was. Who I was was the presence. Going on and on and on and on.

That ended the intermittence. The presence elongated into everything. You are the presence, and I am the presence, and my dog is the presence, and this laptop is the presence. When I think that something is not the presence, my thoughts are mistaken. And on and on and on and on and on.


3 thoughts on “The Presence Who You Are

  1. Hello,

    Excellent post.

    I also think of Presence as the “Connectedness with everything. Calm. The absence of anxiety. The absence of emotional pain. The absence of fear.” It is sometimes difficult to achieve and maintain these states of beingness or presence without falling out of our determination to be present and peaceful. Indeed I am the Presence, the real Me is. However, the real Me is only real in the absence of fear. If we’re still attached to any level of fear, we are not being truly ourselves, therefore not present. The true self, the real you, I, us, everyone individually… is Presence. Our human nature is Presence because it’s made of Love. It’s the external conditions and our mind noise/perceptions that build up all those nasty non-Presence things: anxiety, fear, frustration.

    It’s a continuous process to be Present and to connect on the level of Peace. We shall carry on and on and on and on, then. Not a problem.

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