I Don’t Mind What Happens









When you begin to see life without fear, frightening things become acceptable. Or so it may seem.

At the same time, we may feel called upon to act in response to a world that is out of balance, whether it’s someone in trouble or larger harmful developments.

This world matters even if we are convinced our experience in this world will dissolve into oneness.

It’s a spiritual fantasy to believe that nothing matters, that the world before us is not real. The world is not real is the same way as the eternal inside inside, yet it functions as real in our spiritual journey.

In the late 1970s, Krishnamurti famously asked an audience whether they wanted “to know his secret.” Audience members reportedly leaned forward in anticipation. Krishnamurti quietly said, “You see, I don’t mind what happens.”

It’s one of my favorite quotes.

Another quote I love comes from Angela Davis, and it seems to say the exact opposite:

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

This twist on the Serenity Prayer is a commitment to act in the world.

These two ideas live inside me comfortably, though it took a few years to understand they are not in conflict.

We offer ourselves to the presence within. We ask for guidance, and we ask to be useful. “Relieve me of the bondage of self that I may better do Thy will.” And we surrender the outcome.

We will be okay. The world will be okay. Whatever happens. And we give ourselves over to the guidance to do what we can do.


11 thoughts on “I Don’t Mind What Happens

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I used to live in constant fear. I no longer worry about what is going on around me and in the world in general. I feel that it is what it is; however, it is not an excuse to not help humanity nor Mother Nature. We come in with gifts and talents in order to lend a helping hand. I enjoy life so much more now.

  2. I love the quote from Dune, “Fear is the mind killer…” In this perspective of the mind, I look at it as fear thwarting the ability to act out God’s will that is within….while I have different “labels” I place on things such as “mind” and “soul”…I try not to get too caught up in them to where I miss the message…I would probably rather say “Fear is the soul eater.” on any token, I do believe fear paralyzes and prevents courage from acting in ways that can be beneficial to the whole….Once I recognize my fears it’s easier to see through them and acknowledge that God’s will is not the will of fear. This then reminds me of “the proper use of the will.” Thanks for the post I like the references you included.

  3. This is very perceptive, Rob. I hope more people with addictions can come to learn what I hear you saying — that the addiction itself is “acting out” a symptom — a symptom of a deeper wound that needs to be healed if the person wants to find freedom. It’s so frustrating to see people I love temporarily stop their addictive behavior over and over and over, but never come to “see” the underlying wound or find healing for the underlying wound. I’m glad you are putting this message out there and I hope many who need it, read it. Lola (in your UNM blogging class)

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